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Links to Additional Information

Know About Local Hazards and Be Prepared

Here are a few links to more information about earthquakes, fire, volcanoes, and emergency preparedness.

  Weather, Flood, Tide, and Road Conditions Information

NOTE: Many of the following links are outside of the Whatcom County web siteYou are about to leave the Whatcom County Site - click globe for disclaimer.

Earthquake Information

Earthquake Info From

Earthquake Information Network

Great Quakes Interactive

Western States Seismic Policy Council (WSSPC), Earthquake Hazard Mitigation Partnership, Emergency Management and Geoscience

Emergency Management & Preparedness Information 

American Red Cross Official Home Page

CBS News Disaster Links

Department of Ecology

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 

FEMA Business and Industry Disaster Planning Guide

National Domestic Preparedness Office

Prepare Because You Care 

Washington State Emergency Management

Fire Information

Firewise Interactive

NOAA Fire Weather Information

Daily Forest Fire Weather Briefing


Mt. Baker Volcano Study

Archive of Local Events

Whatcom Creek Incident  News archives and links to status of cleanup and restoration.

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