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Councilmember Pete Kremen

Whatcom County Councilmember Pete Kremen

District 1, Position B
Term Expires January, 2016

Contact Information:

Whatcom County Council Office
311 Grand Avenue, Suite 105
Bellingham, Washington 98225
Office: 360-676-6690
Home: 360-734-3802

Pete Kremen is currently serving his first term on the Whatcom County Council, which begain January 2012. Prior to his election to the Council, Mr. Kremen was the Whatcom County Executive for 16 years. He served as Executive from 1996 through 2011, making him the longest serving county executive in Washington state history. Kremen also served six terms in the Washington State House of Representatives.

In 2015, Councilmember Kremen is the County Executive Pro-Tempore. He is also a member of the Council's Public Works, Health, and Safety Committee. In addition, he is appointed to several community boards and committees, including the Council of Governments, WSAC Legislative Steering Committee, and Whatcom Transit Authority.

My Fellow Whatcom County Citizens,

Throughout my public service, both in the State Legislature and as your County Executive, I've devoted myself to improving the quality of life that makes our community such an optimum place to live!

Since taking over county government in 1996 we have enhanced services to more people without ever raising the county's portion of your property taxes. All this was accomplished with a balanced, common-sense approach to government with sound fiscal policy and ever-present respect for our residents' wallets and pocketbooks. During this same period the county's General Fund reserve fund has been increased from about $400,000 to approximately $10,500,000.

As a County Councilmember, I pledge to use my experience and knowledge, as well as my professional relationships at all levels of government to continue to make Whatcom County such a special place to live.

Like most other communities in the nation, we face major challenges. We must focus on strengthening our economy by increasing the number of higher-wage jobs. To do that, we must help our existing businesses thrive and attract new businesses and industries that are consistent with Whatcom County values.

We must improve infrastructure that supports desired economic development. I'll work collaboratively with the new county executive to reach out to federal, state and local officials to effectively address our transportation and other needs. This will not only put people to work in higher paying jobs but also address critical projects while generating additional employment opportunities.

I fully support making our county safer by building a new, "right size" and affordable jail and by seeking creative alternatives to incarceration, where appropriate.

As state and federal funds continue to be slashed, I will support funding that will provide critical social services, implement assistance for homeless families and improve programs for our deserving veterans.

I remain committed to safeguard our environment and coveted Whatcom County way of life by reducing urban sprawl, preserving our threatened farmland and helping our farmers, protecting the precious Lake Whatcom watershed, while saving special, natural spaces for posterity.

I will continue to dedicate my life and extensive experience to serving, protecting and enhancing our community. Fidela, my wife of 40 years, and I genuinely love Whatcom County.

Pete's Experience & Qualifications


  • Whatcom County Council – District 1

1996 - 2011

  • Whatcom County Executive
  • County Executives of America Board of Directors
  • Northwest Regional Council Board of Directors
  • Council of Governments Board of Directors
  • Harvard/John F Kennedy School of Government - Crisis Management Program

1985 - 1996

  • Washington State House of Representatives/42nd Legislative District
  • Agriculture Committee - Vice Chair
  • Trade & Economic Development Committee - Vice Chair
  • Transportation Committee
  • Financial Institutions & Insurance Committee
  • Community Economic Revitalization Board

1977 - 1984

  • Director of News & Public Affairs - KPUG/KNWR (Bellingham)

1974 - 1977

  • Director of News & Public Affairs - KBFW (Bellingham)