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Veteran's Advisory Board

Purpose  The Board was created pursuant to RCW 73.08.035 to advise the County Council on the needs of local indigent veterans, the resources available to local indigent veterans, and programs that could benefit the needs of local indigent veterans and their families. The County Council and County Executive shall consult with and solicit recommendations from the advisory board to determine the appropriate services needed for local indigent veterans.

Authority  ORD 2006-025, RCW 73.08
Contact Person  Whatcom County Executive´s Office, (360) 676-6717

Member Specifications   Veterens who are residents of Whatcom County. No fewer than a number constituting a majority of the board members shall be members from nationally recognized veterans' service organizations.

Term Limit  Two Consecutive Full Terms
Term Length  Four Years
Number of Members  Nine
Date of  Formation  5/23/2006
Meetings Held Bi-monthly, 2nd Mondays
Vacancies Check the Vacancies List