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Surface Mining Advisory Committee

Purpose:  The committee advises the Whatcom County Planning and Development Services Department and the Whatcom County Council on implementing a surface mining regulatory program consistent with the Comprehensive Plan.  The committee will address the action items of the Mineral Resource element of the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan.

  • SMAC Application. Please complete and return a signed application to the Whatcom County Council Office, 311 Grand Avenue, Suite 105, Bellingham, WA 98225
  • Proposed work plan beginning in 2013
  • Mineral resources section of Comprehensive Plan Chapter 8, Resource Lands

Authority: WCC 2.120

Contact Person: Joshua Fleischmann, Whatcom County Planning and Development Services Department, 676-6907

Vacancies: See vacancy list

Term Limit:  2 full terms, one year separation required before commencing another 2 full terms.

Term Length:  2 years

Number of Members: 11 Members. 1 position for each of the following: civil or geo-technical engineer with no direct or indirect financial business ties to the industry, surface mining material user, citizen who lives in close proximity to active mining or mineral overlay areas, geologist, ecologist, environmental consultant, members of the surface mining industry (2 positions), a representative of potable groundwater supply (preferably a public water system representative or private well owner), and someone with experience in and/or knowledge of forestry. The committee also includes a representative of the Conservation District. Current member list