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PRCAC Meetings:

2014 Minutes:
Minutes 12-09-14
Minutes 11-12-14
Minutes 10-14-14
Minutes 09-09-14
Minutes 07-08-14
Minutes 06-17-14
Minutes 05-06-14
Minutes 04-08-14
Minutes 03-11-14
Minutes 02-11-14
Minutes 01-14-14

2013 Minutes:
Minutes 12-10-13
Minutes 10-08-13
Minutes 09-10-13
Minutes 08-20-13
Minutes 07-09-13
Minutes 05-14-13
Minutes 04-09-13
Minutes 03-12-13
Minutes 01-08-13

2012 Minutes:
Minutes 12-11-12
Minutes 11-20-12
Minutes 10-09-12
Minutes 08-14-12
Minutes 06-20-12
MIinutes 06-05-12
Minutes 04-10-12
Minutes 03-13-12
Minutes 02-21-12

Minutes 12-13-11


Point Roberts Community Advisory Committee

Purpose The committee was created to provide advice and recommendations to the County Executive and the County Council regarding needs and issues specific to the Point Roberts community.  The Committee has also taken over the duties of the Point Roberts Character Plan Advisory Committee and will review commercial development and signs in Point Roberts for consistency with the Point Roberts Character Plan.

Authority ORD #2010-008
Contact Person Whatcom County Executive’s Office, (360) 676-6717

Member Specifications One representative from each of the following organizations:  Point Roberts Taxpayers’ Association, Point Roberts Voters’ Association, and the Point Roberts Chamber of Commerce; two lay members of the community to be appointed by the County Executive.

Term Limit Two years
Number of Members  Five
Date of  Formation February 9, 2010
Meetings Held - Monthly

For more information, contact the Whatcom County Executive office, 360-676-6717.