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Marine Resource Committee

Purpose  The Board, guided by sound science and the needs of the Northwest Strait marine ecosystem, and consideration for the citizens of Whatcom County, will address local marine issues and recommend remedial action to local authorities.  The committee will build awareness of issues, and gather support for remedies.

Whatcom County Public Works Stormwater Division, Marine Resources

Authority  RES 99-023 and RES 99-047
Contact Person    Whatcom County Executive´s Office, (360) 676-6717

Member Specifications - Three members with relevant scientific experience; three members elected officials - one each from the County, Blaine and Bellingham; three members with economic interest (provided that commercial fishing is represented); two members with recreational interest (provided that sport fishers are represented); three members with conservation and environmental interests; two members who are citizens at large; and, each recognized tribe shall be offered a seat on the Committee, with the representative to be appointed by the respective tribal authority. Current Member List

Vacancies: See Vacancies List

Term Limit  Two Consecutive Full Terms
Term Length  Four Years
Number of Members  Nineteen
Date of  Formation  5/18/1999
Meetings Held  First Thursday of the month from 6 - 8 PM.