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County Appeals Board

Purpose  The Board Receives and rules on appeals from administrative decisions concerning the following codes and ordinances:  The International Building Codes, including the IBC, the IRC (Residential), the IFC (Fire), the IMC (Mechanical), the Code for the Abatement of Dangerous Buildings, the Uniform Plumbing Code, the Washington State Energy Code, the Barrier Free and related codes adopted by Whatcom County and a required by Washington State.

Authority  ORD 2007-024
Contact Person    Whatcom County Executive´s Office, (360) 676-6717

Member Specifications Five regular members with 2 alternates.  One lay member; one fire prevention member; and three members from the building, structural engineering, architectural, plumbing, mechanical, or other construction trade.

Current Member List

Term Limit  Two Consecutive Full Terms
Term Length Three Years
Number of Members  Five (+ 2 alternates)
Vacancies Check the Vacancies List
Date of Formation February 7, 1985