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Boundary Review Board

Purpose  The Board reviews, upon request, (RCW 36.93.100) and makes decisions concerning boundary changes, including annexation, specific water sewer extensions, incorporations, dissolutions and disincorporations of jurisdictions and creations, partial mergers and consolidations of special purpose districts.

Authority  WCC 2.24, RCW 36.93
Contact Person  Kristine Glasgow, 676-6749,

Member Specifications  Two members independently selected by the Governor; one member from the nominees of the individual mayor of the cities and towns within Whatcom County; one member from the nominees by the Executive, confirmed by Council; and one member selected by the Boundary Review Board from nominees of special purpose districts lying wholly or partly within Whatcom County.

Term Limit  None
Term Length  Four Years
Number of Members  Five
Date of  Formation  1/31/1978
Meetings Held  Monthly, on the second Thursday (as needed)

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