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Address and Road Name Citizen Appeals Committee

Purpose:  The Committee (1) considers and decides appeals of address numbering, road name assignments and corrections (2) reviews and decides appeals in enacting policies and procedures of the Road Naming Ordinance (3) develops a list of pre-approved road names from which applicants may choose, and (4) may propose changes or additions in the County´s address numbering, road naming, and sign policy.  Appeals of Committee decisions can be heard by the County Council.

Authority:  WCC 12.6, Ordinance 96-049

Contact Person:  Denise Doezema - Whatcom County Public Works Department, Engineering Division

Vacancies: The Appeals Committee is on hiatus until further notice.

Term Limit:  2 full terms, one year separation required after two terms.

Term Length:  3 years

Number of Members:  5 Members. This committee is on hiatus indefinitely. There are no current committee members.

Additional Information: Public Works Department, Engineering Division, Addressing and Road Naming