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(Integrated) Behavioral Health Advisory Board

Purpose  The Board shall shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Whatcom County Health Department, advising on general priorities for behavioral health programs, including substance abuse and mental health services.  The board membership shall adhere to rules described in RCW 70.96A ensuring that the membership is composed of residents who reflect minority groups and the diversity within the community.

Authority  ORD #2012-042
Contact Person  Whatcom County Executive´s Office, (360) 676-6717

Member Specifications   Residents of Whatcom County.  The Behavioral Health Advisory Board shall consist of nine members who are appointed by the County Executive, and one member shall be a member of the County Council. One quarter of the board's members must be people in recovery from alcohol or other drug addictions as required by RCW 70.96A. Additional board membership criterion shall be indicated in the Behavioral Health Advisory board bylaws.

Current Member List

Term Limit  Two Consecutive Full Terms
Term Length  Three Years
Number of Members  Ten
Date of  Formation  11/7/2012
Meetings Held - Every other month
Vacancies Check the Vacancies List