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Appealing your property tax

Change of Value Notice

When Do I Receive a "Change of Value Notice"?

The Assessor will send you a notice when the assessed value of your property changes. In Whatcom County the Assessor is required to physically inspect and value all real property every four years. After determining a new value, the Assessor mails the taxpayer a "Change of Value" notice. The assessed value should not exceed the market value of the property.

What If I Did Not Receive a " Change of Value Notice"?

The Assessor is obligated to send the notice to the taxpayer whose name and address appears on the assessment rolls. Often mortgage or lending companies appear as the designated taxpayer representative on the tax rolls. You are responsible for notifying the Assessor's Office of any address changes. You are responsible for requesting that mortgage or lending companies send copies of the notices to you.

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