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Finance Division
Current Bid Opportunities - 2012

For further information on any of the bids listed below, including bid forms and specifications, or to obtain a bidders list, please contact the Purchasing Office, 676-6734, ext. 50191.

Click Closed bid titles to see the bid results for 2012 bids.

All bid results are in the PDF file format and require Acrobat Reader to view. Get the latest version of Reader here. acrobat logo

Title and Description
13-01 RFQ - 2013 Annual Professional Services Roster Open

RFQ - 2012 Annual Professional Services Roster

Note: This will change to 13-01 in 2013

12-82 Supply of Aluminum Traffic Control Signs & Sign Posts Closed
12-78 RFP - Behavioral Health & Primary Care Integration Initiatives Closed
12-81 RFQ - Consulting Engineering Services for Birch Bay Drive & Pedestrian Project Closed
12-76 Electrical Modifications to the Data Center at the Courthouse Closed
12-80 RFP - Custodial services for Various County Sites Closed
12-79 RFP - Dental Services for the Whatcom County Jail Inmates Closed
12-73 RFP - Short Term Lease of Four Vehicles Closed
12-74 RFP - Surface Water Analytical Laboratory Testing Services Closed
12-75 Bid - Intersection Repairs at Northwest Drive & Axton Road
Grind, Furnish, Lay & Compact Hot Mix Asphalt
12-70 RFP - Operations of the Disposal of Toxics Facility Closed
12-69 RFP - Behavioral Health Program for the Jail and Juvenile Detention Closed
12-67 Bid - Apron Resufacing at the Lummi Ferry Terminal Closed
12-68 Bid - Supply of HDPE Pipe Closed
12-66 RFP - Building Healthy Communities Closed
12-58 Bid - Exterior Repairs to the Civic Center Building, 322 N. Commercial St. Closed
12-65 RFP - Third Party Administration for Direct Reimbursement Dental Plan Closed
12-57 RFP - Printing Mailing Services
Assessor's Statement
12-61 RFP - Sheriff's Office Automated Information Management System Closed
12-60 Bid - Supply of Rubber-Molded Steel Apron Flaps for the Gooseberry Pt Ferry Terminal Closed
12-59 Bid - Lake Whatcom Blvd - Structural Overlay Closed
12-50 RFQ - Jail Planning Services for a New Sheriff's Office Jail Facility Closed
12-40 RFQ - Behavioral Health Access Program
(Outpatient Mental Health Services for Low Income Patients)
12-55 Bid - Supply Gangway & Docks for Samish Park Closed
12-54 Bid - Supply of Playground Equipment Closed
12-53 Bid - Yew Street Rd Phase 2 - Pedestrian Crosswalk Closed
12-52 Bid - Annual Drydock Repairs & Maintenance for the Whatcom Chief Ferry Closed
12-51 RFP - Consulting Services for Swift Creek Environmental Impact Statement Project Closed
12-49 Bid - Sale of a 2010 Suzuki DF300 Outboard Motor
12-42 Bid - Improvements to the West Tributary at Silver Beach Creek Closed
12-48 RFQ - Animal Control Services Closed
12-47 RFQ - Application (attached) - Campground Host at Lighthouse Marine Park & Silver Lake Park Closed
12-45 Bid - Bay Road Culvert Replacement Closed
12-44 Bid - Install Two Condensing Boilers at the Whatcom County Courthouse Closed
12-39 RFP-Consulting Services
Whatcom Local Implementing Organization Support
12-43 Bid - Hannegan Road Structural Overlay Closed
12-38 RFP - Consultant Services for Agricultural-Watershed Planning Project Phase 1 Closed
12-36 Bid - Leachate Management System Improvements at the Cedarville Landfill Closed
12-21 Bid - Paint 3 Structures on the Roeder Home Park Property Closed
12-12 Bid - Supply of Asphaltic Mixes Closed
12-26 Bid - Replace Carpeting in Various Areas of the Courthouse Closed
12-33 Bid - Supplemental Supply of Rock from Pits Located within Specific Whatcom County Geographic Areas Closed
12-31 RFP - Employee Assistance Services Closed
12-30 RFP - Printing & Distribution of Voter Pamphlets Closed
12-28 Bid - 2012 Hot Mix Asphalt Prelevel Projects at Various Locations Closed
12-27 RFP - Developmental Disabilities Early Intervention Services Closed
12-25 Bid - Annual Rates for Rental Equipment Closed
12-24 Bid - On Call Rental Rates for Construction Equipment with Operator Closed
12-23 RFQ - Architectural Services - Courtroom Remodel Closed
12-22 Bid - Replace Courthouse Roof Closed
12-20 Bid - South Pass Road Structural Repairs
CRP 909011/FED AID ER-0902(405)
12-11 Bid - 2012 Supply of Asphaltic Emulsions / Road Oil Closed
12-10 Bid - 2012 Supply of Rock, Gravel, Soil Closed
12-18 RFQ - General Archaeological Services for 2012 Closed
12-15 RFQ - Consulting Engineering Services for Archaeological Assessment for Birch Bay Lynden Road at Portal Way Closed
12-07 Bid - Drayton Harbor Road Beach Erosion Repair Project Closed
12-05 Bid - Supply of One New High Roof Crew Van Closed
12-06 Bid - Supply of Two New Extended Cab 4x4 1/2 Ton Pickup Trucks Closed
12-08 RFP - Gateway Pacific Terminal & BNSF Custer Spur Modification Project NEPA/SEPA Environmental Impact Statement Closed
12-09 RFP - Production & Mailing of Voter Notification Cards Closed