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Finance Division
Current Bid Opportunities - 2011

For further information on any of the bids listed below, including bid forms and specifications, or to obtain a bidders list, please contact the Purchasing Office, 676-6734, ext. 50191. 

Click Closed bid titles to see the bid results for 2011 bids.

2012 Bids and Results

All bid results are in the PDF file format and require Acrobat Reader to view. Get the latest version of Reader here. acrobat logo

Title and Description
11-93 Lincoln Road Wetland Mitigation - Planting Closed
11-92 Supply of Throwable Mobile Reconnaissance Device Closed
11-85 Supply of Night Vision Equipment Closed
11-90 Request for Proposals for Landfill Monitoring Services
Y Road & Cedarville Landfills
11-89 Request for Proposals for Hearing Examiner Services Closed
11-88 Architectural Consulting Services for the repair & Replacement of the Exterior of the Civic Center Bldg Closed
11-86 Request for Proposals
Printing & Mailing Treasurer's Tax Statements
11-84 Solid Waste Education Program Closed
11-83 Jail Inmate Phone System Service Closed
11-80 Developmental Disabilities Program Youth Self-Advocacy Program Closed
11-79 Developmental Disabilities Program Consultant Roster RFQ Closed
11-75 Substance Abuse Program Prevention Redesign Initiative Closed
11-12 Substance Abuse Program
Medication Assisted Opiate Treatment Program
11-82 Agricultural Strategic Plan Implementation Services Closed
11-81 Supply & Install High Security Ballot Boxes at Various Whatcom County Locations Closed
11-78 Truck Tanker Fuel Service for the Whatcom County Central Shop, Whatcom Chief Ferry & Silver Lake Park Closed
11-77 Design & Engineering Services for the Lighthouse Marine Park Boat Launch Renovation Project Closed
11-74 Supply of a Mobile Satellite Internet System, Bandwidth Package, Installation & Related Services Closed
11-70 Consolidated Homeless Grant, Essential Needs & SHB 2060 Very Low Income Housing Program Closed
11-69 Shelter Plus Care Low Income Housing Leasing Specialist Services Closed
11-68 Consulting Services for the Lower Nooksack Sub-Basin Water Budget Closed
11-66 Lily Point Trailhead & Parking Lot Closed
11-57 Supply of Tactical Platform Ballistic Vests Closed
11-67 Supply of Aluminized Steel Pipe Arch Culvert Closed
11-05 Replacement of the Whatcom County Jail Control System
(Invitation to Bid, Bid Release & Access Forms Attached)
11-64 Consulting Engineering Services for Yew St Road Phase ll Pedestrian Actuated Crosswalk Signal Closed
11-63 Demolition of One Building in Marietta WA, Federal Aid No. FEMA-1817-DR-WA-22-R Closed
11-62 Birch Bay Watershed Drainage Improvements, Charel Terrace Closed
11-60 Consulting Services
Nooksack River Sediment Management Pilot Project
11-56 Prescription Medication Services for the Jail Closed
11-55 Psychiatric Services in the Jail Closed
11-54 Physician Services in the Jail Closed
11-53 Dental Services in the Jail Closed
11-52 Nursing Services in the Jail Closed
11-59 Tyee Drive Pavement Reconstruction Benson Rd to Roosevelt Rd, CRP 910018 Closed
11-58 Services to Assist Whatcom County with Western WA Phase II municipal Stormwater Permit Compliance Closed
11-49 Laserfiche Software Assurance Plan (LSAP) Closed
11-51 Consulting Engineering Services for Portal Way Dakota Creek Bridge #500 Seismic Retrofit Design Closed
11-50 Annual Drydocking of Whatcom Chief Closed
11-44 Community Solar Project Closed
11-46 Lincoln Road Improvements
Wetland Mitigation Site Preparation
11-42 Analytical Laboratory Testing Services Closed
11-33 Sale of Outboard Motor Closed
11-45 Emerald Lake Way Slide Repair Closed
11-39 Paint 3 Structures on Roeder Home Property Closed
11-38 Replace Roofs on Hovander Barn & Milkhouse Closed
11-34 Construction of Olsen Trailhead Parking Closed
11-41 Patrol Boat for the Whatcom County Sheriff Closed
11-40 Convert GM Extended Cab Van into Communications Center for the Whatcom County Sheriff Closed
11-37 Agricultural License for Haying on County Park Lands Closed
11-36 Annual Miscellaneous Prelevel Projects Closed
11-35 Street Sweeping Services in the Watershed Closed
11-23 Silver Beach Creek Improvements Closed
11-15 Management of the County Behavioral Health Triage Center & Certain Substance Abuse Services Closed
11-30 Lincoln Road Improvements - Shintaffer Rd to Harborview Rd CRP #902009 RATA Funds Project #3709-01 Closed
11-29 Supply of Asphaltic Mixes Closed
11-26 Radio Repair & Maintenance Services Closed
11-25 Tax Title Searches Closed
11-24 Ferndale Senior Activity Center
Staffing & Operations Services
11-19 Information, Education, Referral Services for Developmentally Disabled Individuals Closed
11-22 Supply of 5 Full Size Police Pursuit Vehicles Cancelled
11-21 Annual Rental Rates for Construction Equipment Closed
11-20 On-Call Rental Rates fro Construction Equipment with Operator & Project Labor Closed
11-13 Mental Health Treatment Services Roster Closed
11-09 Custodial Services for Various Whatcom Co. Sites Closed
11-17 Bellingham Senior Activity Center Staffing & Operations Services Closed
11-10 On-Site Sewage Loan Program Lending Institution Services Closed
11-07 Supply of a Respirator or Fit Tester Closed
11-16 Annual supply of Asphaltic Emulsions (Road Oil) Closed
11-11 Annual Supply of Rock Gravel and Various Materials Closed
11-06 Sale of Surplus Used Target Carrier System Closed
11-08 Request for Qualifications
Signalization Project Birch Bay-Lynden Road & Portal Way
11-01 General Requirements for Professional Architectural, Engineering & Other Consulting Services for 2011 Closed