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Whatcom Creek Incident Archives

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Photos of Whatcom Creek

Photos, page three

Small version of photos are shown here regarding the Whatcom Creek incident, June 10, 1999. Click on any of the links or photos to see an enlarged version of the photo. Some pages have two photos.

Open House for public information
Open House for Public Information

Open House held at Bellingham Public Library June 19 for the public to talk to state, federal and local agencies involved in the response

Lynden Air C-130
Lynden Air C-130

Four Godwin water pumps unloaded from Lynden Air C-130 bound for incident site, Saturday June 19, 1999

WA Air National Guard assisting
WA Air National Guard unloading pumps

WA Air National Guard uses heavy-duty forklift to unload pumps in training exercise


Crane setting pipe into welding machine

Pump station work

Pump station manifold work

HDPE pipe welding machine

HDPE pipe welding machine

Deer at work site in Park

Deer in pump station area in Whatcom Falls Park

New valve for water tank

New 20" valve for water storage tank

Public Works crew

City of Bellingham
Public Works at
Water Treatment Plant

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Thanks to Gunter Wilder of Bellingham Fire Department for these photos.