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Whatcom Creek Incident Archives

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Photos of Whatcom Creek

Photos, page two

Small version of photos are shown here, regarding the Whatcom Creek incident, June 10. 1999. Click on any of the links or photos to see an enlarged version of the photo: Some pages have two photos.

Burnt bushes

Contrast of burnt bushes with green field .

Footbridge over burnt creek
Emergency crews onsite

Emergency crews onsite

Impact on ravine
Burnt hillside near road

Burnt hillside next to road

Impact on ravine

Footbridge over burned creek

Impact on ravine in Whatcom Falls Park

Hannah Creek excavation area

Hannah Creek excavation area in burn path

Gov. Locke visits site

Governor Locke visits the site June 17

Repair of pipe
Water plant damage

Water plant damage

Gov. Locke views damage

Governor Locke views the damage

Pipe repair

North pipe being isolated  

Damage at park

Suspected break area

Absorbent pads at creek

New - Absorbant pad recovery at creek

Pipe capped off

Pipe capped off

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Thanks to Carol Ketchum of Whatcom County and Gunter Wilder of Bellingham Fire Department for these photos.