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Whatcom Creek Incident Archives

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Photos of Whatcom Creek June 10, 1999

Photos Page One:

Photos chronicling the events of the Whatcom Creek Incident, June 10, 1999. More photos on page 2, page 3, and page 4. Small version of photos are shown here. Click on any of the links or photos to see an enlarged version of the photo. Each enlarged page has two photos.

Photos by Brad Bennett

Minutes after the explosion

Charred area in park

Charred area in park

Green & burnt areas

Contrasting green & burnt areas

Absorbent in creek

Absorbent boom in the creek*

Bridge burning

Bridge burning over Whatcom Creek*

Ashes next to creek

Ashes next to creek

Greenery behind burnt area

Greenery behind burnt area

Skimmer and boom

Skimmer & boom  in the creek to help remove gasoline

Photos by Walker & Associates

  Aerial photos of burn path**

Burned area next to road

Emergency workers near burned area next to road*

Charred tree

Charred tree next to creek

Skimmer in creek

  Skimmer & underflow dam at Hannah Creek to aid in clean-up

*These photos are Copyright©1999 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency;
**These photos are Copyright©1999 Walker & Associates
all others, Copyright©1999 Whatcom County

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