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Whatcom Creek Incident Archives

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Photos of Whatcom Creek

Whatcom Creek, One Year Later:
To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Whatcom Creek Incident, here are some photos of the creek as it looks one year later, in comparison with June 10, 1999.  Photos by Carol Ketchum.

June 10, 1999:

Creek bank 1999

 Bank of Whatcom Creek

Trees along banks 1999
Bridge 1999
Hillside 1999
Footbridge view 1999

Above views from
June 10, 1999

Trees along the banks of the creek

Eastside of bridge on Woburn Street

Hillside near burn path

View from footbridge over creek

June 10, 2000:

Creek bank 2000
Banks along creek 2000
Bridge 2000
Hillside 2000
Footbridge view 2000

Above views from
 June 10,  2000

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