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  • Asset Management
    Accounting, Tracking and Managing Fixed Assets, Periodic Inventory, Capital Depreciation & Surplus
  • Budget
    Budget Administration
  • Cash Handling
    Handling Cash, Checks, Receipts, Deposits, Bank Accounts, Petty Cash Funds, Foriegn and Counterfiet Currency, Security, Robberies
  • Disbursements and Accounts Payable
    Paying Bills; Interfund Transfers; Refund of Expenditures, Non-Travel Food and Beverage (rules not related to employee travel)
  • Grants
    Accounting for Grants and Restricted Revenues
  • Payroll
    Payroll Enrollment, Changes, Benefits Procedures
  • Purchasing Policy
    Bids and Proposals, Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Receiving; Acquiring Electronic Technology (TR&R)
  • Travel
    Employee Travel and "Prospective Employee" Travel Expense Policies; Employee Moving Expenses