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Responding to Requests for Disclosure of Public Records

PRO AD215001A

Responding to Requests for Disclosure of Public Records

When Whatcom County receives a non-incidental request for disclosure of public records:

Action by


Public Records Officer


1. Within one (1) business day of receiving request, logs request into the system and assigns number or ensures this process has taken place.

2. Reviews request to ensure records requested are disclosable and request is clear. Checks with Prosecuting Attorney if necessary.

    2a. If records are not disclosable, notifies requester in writing citing exemption and procedure ends here.

    2b. If request is unclear, contacts requester to clarify request.

3. Shares copy of request with involved departments.

Department Contact

4. Determines when records will be available and notifies Public Records Officer.

5. Prepares records for requester review:

5a. Delivers records to Public Records Officer

5b. Notifies Public Records Officer that records are ready for review at the department location.

Public Records Officer

6. Notifies requester within five (5) business days of receipt:

6a. Records are ready for review and location for review.

6b. Anticipated date records will be ready for review. (Verifies any delay in review is allowable under the Public Records Act.)

7. Sets up location and review time.

8. Prepares records or copies for reviewer as requested.

9. Notes all contacts in log and closes file.


Whatcom County Administrative Procedure - AD215001A
Responding to Requests for Disclosure of Public Records

Topic: Public Records
Effective Date: 7/1/06
Approved by: Dewey Desler
See Policy:
AD115001Z - Making Public Records Available
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