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Temporary Election Worker

  1. Election Workers will be needed to assist the County Auditor’s staff in the upcoming November election. This is a paid position as a temporary worker. Dates needed are October 24 through November 18 and training will be provided. Please complete the below information and submit for consideration.

  2. Job Requirements

    • Commit to 3 week election period
    • Work irregular schedules; extra-long days, full days, partial days, Saturday(s)
    • Work well with a team and follow instructions
    • Inspect ballots for lengthy periods without vision problems or fatigue
    • Sit for hours at a time or stand for up to two hours at a time
    • Work independently without distracting others
    • Print legibly
    • Use calculator, competent in simple math and counting
    • Work under scrutiny of political observers
    • Lift 25 pounds
    • Walk stairs (or comfortable riding in elevator)
    • Keep in mind that if you (or an immediate family member) are running for office or you are campaigning for a candidate in this election you will not be eligible to be selected for this election.

  3. Other Info

    • The ballot processing room is located in the basement of the Whatcom County Courthouse. Workers may be required to go through security for access.
    • Parking in the lot next to the courthouse is $2.00 per 4 hours, but space is not always available. There is free street parking in the surrounding neighborhood 3 to 5 blocks away.
    • There is a break room available with a refrigerator and microwave oven.

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