What is a multiple title document?
A multiple title document is a single document that contains more than one transaction, where each transaction could stand on its own and requires separate entries in our index. Per RCW 36.18.010 each transaction in a single document that meets this definition requires a separate recording fee.
The fee is calculated for each type of transaction/title listed on your document. For example, a document is submitted for recording titled "Deed of Trust & Assignment of Rents" containing 8 pages. There are two transactions, a Deed of Trust and an Assignment of Rents, and each could stand on its own as a separate document. The fee will be $74.00 + $73.00 +$7.00 (for the 7 additional pages) totaling $154.00.
Another example could be a one page "Release of Lien" document submitted referencing three separate recorded lien documents. The document is prepared as one document but it could be submitted as three separate documents titled "Release of Lien". All three documents require full indexing. The fee for this document would be $219.00, $73.00 for each lien to be released.
You can help minimize the confusion of multiple title documents by being very clear about what the intent of your document is, and how many actions it contains.

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