Regulations & Standards

The provisions of the Whatcom County Critical Areas Ordinance (CAO) apply to any proposed land use or development activity within an area of Whatcom County that meets the definitions and criteria for critical areas as established in the CAO (Whatcom County Code Chapter 16.16). 
  1. Administrative Principles

    Read standards revolved around reasonable use provisions and predictability.

  2. Critical Areas Buffers

    Buffers are vegetated lands adjacent to critical areas that are intended to protect the critical areas from activities occurring beyond the buffer.

  3. General Standards

    Gather a list of additional, general standards.

  4. Other Agencies

    Obtain a list of other agencies that can act as resources.

  5. Policy Interpretations

    Policy interpretations and administrative procedures are sometimes necessary to clarify regulatory code and procedures related to business at Planning and Development Services.