Waste Reduction

Reducing Waste, Reducing Costs
Waste management isn't just about recycling and garbage. Reducing the amount of waste created by individuals and businesses is an important first step in any solid waste management strategy. Using fewer products and reusing those that you do purchase not only saves natural resources, but reduces the economic and environmental costs associated with disposal.
Crushed Cans
Learn about the different ways you can you can reduce the amount of waste you generate:
  1. Junk Mail

    Find out how to reduce the amount of junk mail you're sent.

  2. Reduce & Reuse

    Find out more about how to reduce and reuse.

  3. Reuse Links

    Connect with other people in Whatcom County who are interested in buying, selling, or trading used items.

  4. Reuse Opportunities

    Unwanted household items may seem like trash to you, but to someone else those items might be a treasure! Find places that can reuse your items or a place to buy used items.