Docks / Piers

Docks, piers, and ramps require building permits. They must also demonstrate compliance with all land use and shorelines regulations. Please see the Submittal Process page for permit application instructions.

Plan Requirements
Two sets of plans are required for floating docks, supported piers, ramps, and the connection to the shore.
Plan views can be combined together, i.e. the elevation views of the dock, piers, and ramp can all be one drawing. For more information view the Required Plans page.

Floating Docks
For floating docks typical plans required include floor plans, framing plans, details for piling location, and the hardware for connection between the dock and pilings along with details of the floats to be used and their connection.

Supported Piers
For supported piers typical plans would be elevations, floor plans, framing plans, and details of how the pier is supported. Typically these structures need to be designed and stamped by a currently licensed Washington State Engineer.

Ramps also require elevations, plan views, framing plans, and details of connection at the head end and roller or connection at the bottom end.

Shore Connection Drawings

The most common forgotten drawing is of the connection to the shore even though it may be simple. Drawings of this connection are required for shoreline review as well as for plan review. Typical plans would include foundation plans, elevation plans, framing plan, and connection detail for both ends.