District Court

The Service Counter in District Court is closed at this time. 

Информационная стойка Окружного суда в настоящее время закрыта.

El mostrador de atención del Tribunal del Distrito se encuentra cerrado.

District Court Temporary Administrative Order:

District Court Temporary Administrative Order


Effective May 11, 2020, no person may enter the courthouse without an appropriate mask or face covering. If you do not have a face covering, one may be provided at the courthouse security station.


Все присяжные заседатели освобождены от своих обязанностей до 8 мая 2020 года включительно.


District Court Hearing Information

Until further notice, the District Court will only be hearing matters involving in-custody criminal defendants, modifications or rescission of no contact orders, and serious violations of conditions of pre-trial release. All other hearings, criminal or civil, are being rescheduled to dates after April 24, 2020. Please notify the Court of any changes of address.

  • In-person contact with the Clerk’s Office has been closed to the public. Petitions for protection orders and other pleadings may be filed in a drop-box located near the entrance to the District Court Clerk’s Office. The Court will accept filings by U.S. mail postage pre-paid.
  • Inquiries may be made by telephone at (360)778-5400 or by e-mail at districtcourtservices@co.whatcom.wa.us
  • A direct phone line to District Court is available near the entrance to the District Court Clerk's Office. 
  • Online access to the court is still available. 
  • Those wishing to participate in court hearings by telephone, video or other remote means must contact the Clerk's Office at the phone or e-mail address noted above at least three business days before the hearing to verify the method is acceptable to the Court and to coordinate appropriate arrangements for such appearance. The three day notification period can be waived by the Court or the presiding judicial officer for good cause, for example, if an order shortening time for the hearing has been entered. 
Впредь до нового уведомления, Окружной суд будет рассматривать исключительно вопросы, касающиеся обвиняемых, содержащихся под стражей, изменений или отмены судебных приказов о запрете контактов, а также серьезных нарушений условий освобождения из-под стражи до рассмотрения дела. Все прочие слушания по уголовным и гражданским делам переносятся на период после 24 апреля 2020 года. Не забывайте извещать суд о любых изменениях места жительства.

Канцелярия суда в настоящий момент закрыта для посетителей. Ходатайства о получении охранных судебных приказов и другие заявления можно подать через почтовый ящик, расположенный рядом со входом в канцелярию Окружного суда. Суд также принимает документы, полученные почтовым отправлением с вложенным оплаченным обратным конвертом.

За справками обращайтесь по телефону (360) 778-5400 или по электронной почте districtcourtservices@co.whatcom.wa.us

Телефон для прямой связи с Окружным судом расположен у входа в канцелярию

Электронный доступ к судопроизводству остается по-прежнему доступен. 

Hasta nuevo aviso, el Tribunal del Distrito solo atenderá asuntos relacionados con acusados ​criminales detenidos, modificaciones o rescisiones de prohibiciones judiciales de comunicación y violaciones graves de las condiciones de liberación previa al juicio. Todas las demás audiencias —penales o civiles— se volverán a programar después del 24 de abril de 2020. Sírvase notificar al Tribunal si cambia de dirección postal.

La oficina del secretario del Tribunal está cerrada al público. Las solicitudes para órdenes de protección y otros documentos procesales se pueden presentar dejándolos en el buzón que se encuentra cerca de la entrada de la oficina del secretario del Tribunal del Distrito. El Tribunal acepta la presentación de documentos enviados por correo postal prepagado.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, llame al teléfono (360)778-5400 o envíe un corre electrónico a districtcourtservices@co.whatcom.wa.us.

El Tribunal del Distrito cuenta con una línea directa que se encuentra cerca de la entrada de la oficina del secretario. 

También puede seguir teniendo acceso al Tribunal en línea. 


Whatcom County District Court is committed to protecting the safety and security of our community while performing our Constitutional duties. 

The Whatcom County Health Department has declared a Whatcom County health emergency to reduce the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) in our community. The Department has recommended that people at higher risk of severe illness stay home and away from large groups of people as much as possible, including public places with lots of people and large gatherings where there would be close contact with others. The Whatcom County Health Department recommendations can be viewed at the following link: https://www.whatcomcounty.us/3369/Current-Recommendations-For-Whatcom-Coun

Jurors: If you meet any of the following criteria, please contact the District Court Jury Coordinator at (360)778-5435. You will be excused or rescheduled from jury service if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • You have a chronic health condition such as heart disease, lung disease and/or diabetes;
  • You have a weakened immune system;
  • You are pregnant;
  • You are age 60 or older and you do not wish to report for jury duty, or
  • You are sick or have recently been in contact with someone who is sick.

About the Court

The Whatcom County District Court consists of 2 Judges, elected for 4 years, 1 appointed Commissioner, and professional and paraprofessional staff. The court hears criminal, civil, infraction and miscellaneous cases.

Criminal Cases

Criminal misdemeanor cases carry a maximum penalty of up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. Criminal gross misdemeanor cases carry a maximum penalty of up to 1 year in jail and a $5,000 fine. Some examples of criminal cases heard by the court are:
  • Assault (Including Domestic Violence)
  • Driving While License Suspended
  • DUI
  • Theft and Miscellaneous Property Crimes

Civil Cases

Civil cases including both general civil actions and small claims actions. General civil actions with damage claims in the maximum amount of $100,000. The court does not hear cases involving title to or possession of real property. Small claims actions with money claims in the maximum amount of $5,000. The small claims court may only grant a judgment for monetary damages. The court may not order the other party to return property or do any action except the payment of money.


Infractions including traffic and code violations.


Miscellaneous proceedings including:
  • Anti-harassment Petitions
  • Domestic Violence Petitions
  • Name Change Petitions
  • Vehicle Impound Hearings