CPL Replacement

Things to Know

If your current CPL has been lost, stolen or destroyed, you may apply for a replacement.

How to Apply

  • Apply in person at the WCSO between 9 - 11:45 or 1 - 4:15 any weekday, excluding holidays.  
    • (If you are in a hurry and want to avoid the crowds, Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons are not the best to come for a renewal as we are fingerprinting for new/original CPLs.)
  • Complete a CPL application which will be provided to you.
  • Pay the appropriate fee.

What to Bring

  • Your current CPL
  • Your valid, not expired, photo identification like
  • A current Washington State driver’s license.
  • A current Washington State identification card.
  • Equivalent out of state identification.
  • Your Firearms Rights Restoration paperwork (if applicable).
  • Your Permanent Resident Card (if applicable).


  • WCSO Staff performs federal, state, and local background checks.
  • Processing time can take up to thirty (30) days.