Roadway Gates for Temporary Closure

Project Update for October 16, 2019

Current status:  
Gates have been procured and installation is pending cultural review of the various sites. Anticipate late fall installation.

Project Locations:
Gates will be installed at the following locations:

  • Both sides of Slater Road bridge #512 over the Nooksack River
  • Marine Drive at Rural, Ferndale, and Lummi Shore Roads
  • Ferndale Road just north of Marine Drive
Project Details:
Whatcom County Public Works is planning to install roadway gates for closing portions of the County roadways during flooding events. These will allow County crews to be more efficient at closing and opening roadways during flooding and will replace the need for barricades, barriers, and other traffic control devices.

Traffic Limitations:
Shoulder may be closed during the installation of the gates anticipated to occur in late October 2019. The gates will only be closed during flooding events and will have no traffic impacts at any other times. During flooding events these areas of roadway would have been closed by other traffic control devices.

Project Update for August 28, 2019

Gates are currently being fabricated, and tentatively scheduled to be installed late summer or early fall 2019.