County Council

Councilmembers are Todd Donovan, Carl Weimer, Rud Browne, Barbara Brenner, Ken Mann, Satpal Sidhu, and Barry Buchanan
Council Picture 2016

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Information related to potential legislation in response to the Supreme Court decision of Hirst et al v. Whatcom County:
Video Clip of Legislative Work Session (as shown at the March 7 Council Meeting) 
Video of full Legislative Work Session
Whatcom County Critical Areas Ordinance Update 
Review September 26, 2017 version of the draft ordinance
(scroll down to Public Hearing #2 Packet)

Whatcom County Cherry Point UGA Comprehensive Plan Amendment
Documents and Citizen Comments 

The Whatcom County Council has convened the
Incarceration Prevention & Reduction Task Force and the Jail Stakeholder Workgroup**
 to work on incarceration and jail issues in Whatcom County.
**Please note that the Jail Stakeholder Workgroup has disbanded.