Incident Hotline

Incident Hotline - Monday, July 15, 2019                      CHECK OUT OUR NEW EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT BLOG!

Advisories, Watches and Warnings:

There are no advisories, watches or warnings for our area.  Remember, burn restrictions went into effect last Friday for unincorporated Whatcom County.  That means all land clearing and yard debris burning should have been discontinued and all issued burn permits have been suspended.  Recreational fires are still allowed subject to the restrictions listed in the burn ban announcement which can be found on the Whatcom County website, subject “Burn Ban.”  Keep in mind, you may need to check with other agencies for fire restrictions; this includes fire districts, WA Department of Natural Resources, or the US Forest Service.

.Birch Bay Drive Remains Impacted:

  1. Birch Bay Drive north of Harborview has been reopened in both directions although some striping remains to be completed..  
  2. Birch Bay Drive south of Harborview - The shoulders remain closed due to damage and debris. Pedestrians and bicyclists should use caution in this area.

Whatcom County Weather:

We have an interesting week in store as far as the weather is concerned.  According to the National Weather Service we can expect mostly cloudy skies for the work week with a chance of showers for the entire period with the greatest chance on Wednesday and Wednesday night.  Temperatures will climb into the low 70s for today and tomorrow, but Wednesday thru Friday will be around five degrees cooler.  Low temperatures will be in the upper 50s for most areas with the exception of the ski area and NewHalem, where you may see low 50s or even 40s in the higher elevations.  Winds will continue from the west/southwest for most areas. Tomorrow the winds will be a little stronger maybe around 10-12 mph or so.  Sumas may see some wind from the north with gusts to 20mph.

The Nooksack River level will not be affected by the showers this week and the level should remain right about where it is today.

Coastal Weather for Lummi Nation, Birch Bay, Lummi Island, Strait of Georgia, Pt. Roberts, Bellingham, and Blaine 

For Coastal Whatcom County, winds are not projected to get over 20 knots and will be in the 5-15 knot range for most of the time with wind waves of two feet or less. The exception comes toward the end of each day where there could be an increase to 10-20 knots before dropping back.  During these periods, wind waves could reach 1-3 feet.

High tide today at Cherry Point occurs at 7:10pm this evening and will be 9.3 feet.

Tuesday, July 16, 2019:  3:59am – 8.0’ and 7:45pm – 9.5’

Wednesday, July 17, 2019:  4:39am – 7.8’ and 8:18pm – 9.5’

Thursday, July 18, 2019:  5:21am – 7.5’ and 8:48pm – 9.5’

Friday, July 19, 2019: 6:05am – 7.2’ and 9:16pm – 9.4’

Emergency Preparedness

Here are some final thoughts:  

First, "emergency preparedness" is more than a phrase.  It means having a plan to reconnect with your family if separated during a disaster.  It also means having a “go kit” with your important papers, medications, and other items at your fingertips in case you have to leave your home quickly.  And there are other actions.  Resources to help you prepare for a disaster are available from our office  to aid you in your efforts.

Second, don’t leave children or pets inside a vehicle alone.  Temperatures inside a vehicle will reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit in 25 minutes when the outside temperature is only 73 degrees Fahrenheit.”  There have been several incidents around the country where this has occurred, don’t let it happen to you.

Third, remember to check the burn information line for burning updates ; the number is 360.778.5903.  And, if you are in Fire District 5, 11, or 17, check with their office for any additional burning restrictions.  The US Forest Service has its own set of permit requirements and Washington Department of Natural Resources is responsible for large amounts of land as well.  There are also permanent burn bans within certain city limits and urban growth areas.  See the following website for additional information:   

Finally, check out the National Fire Protection Association website and the Firewise USA program.  Landscaping around your home can have a huge impact on how fire will behave if it reaches your home.  

Remember, think safety and be prepared!  This hotline is not updated on weekends unless an incident occurs.

Contact: Wallace Kost, 360.778.7165, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office Division of Emergency Management