Application Process

Who May Apply

An owner or contract purchaser may apply for current use assessment under the open space law, RCW 84.34 or a designated forestland assessment under RCW 84.33, However, all owners or contract purchasers must sign the application for classification, and any resulting agreement. Application forms are available from the county assessor's office or from the county planning office.

Application Period

Applications may be made for classification at any time during the year from January 1 through December 31. Current use or designated forestland valuation assessment begins on January 1 in the year following the year the application was filed for taxes due the following year.

Where to Apply

Farm and agricultural land classification applications are filed with the assessor.

Open Space (Open Space Land) classification applications are filed with the county legislative authority

Open Space Timberland classification has been merged into the Designated Forestland program, RCW 84.33. Designated Forestland classification applications are filed with the assessor. 

Application Fee 

There are processing fees to accompany each application. Such fee shall be in an amount that reasonably covers the processing costs of the application.