Hannegan Rd/Nooksack River Bridge No. 252 Scour Mitigation

Project Background
The Hannegan Road Bridge over the Nooksack River (No. 252) is a 2-lane, 320-foot long structure composed of 3 steel spans with concrete box girder approaches. The Bridge was classified as scour critical when damage to the riprap was discovered just upstream of the southerly Bridge Pier (Pier No. 2).

The project will repair the protective riprap on the upstream, downstream, and landward sides of Pier 2. Environmental mitigation for the project impacts will consist of riparian plantings along the Nooksack River just north of the Marine Drive, Ferndale Road intersection.

Project Updates
The contract for this project has been awarded to Granite Construction Company. Work is scheduled to begin at the bridge in early August and should last about two week. No disruptions to traffic are anticipated.

August 13th Update: Work at the bridge is complete. Planting work is scheduled for this winter.

Other Project Information
     Project Update September 30, 2015
     Project Update December 31, 2015
     Project Update March 31, 2016
Hannigan Brdg No. 252