Maps & Directions

  1. County Courthouse & Civic Center

    Find directions and map to the County Courthouse and Civic Center.

  2. Ferry to Lummi Island

    Access directions from different points to get to the ferry to Lummi Island.

  3. Forest Street Annex

    See how to get to the Forest Street Annex coming from different areas.

  4. Health Department Locations

    View a map showing the different Health Department locations of Whatcom County.

  5. Jail Work Center

    Learn how to get to the Jail Work Center from different directions.

  6. Northwest Annex & Central Shop

    Get directions to the Northwest Annex and Central Shop.

  7. Public Defender's Offices

    Check out a map and the directions to get to the Public Defender's Office.

  8. Public Works

    Learn how to arrive at the Public Works Design and Construction, Hydraulic and Environmental areas.